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v2.4 - Source Control with Clearcase

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  • v2.4 - Source Control with Clearcase

    I was glad to see that BC now supports integration with Clearcase and rapidly downloaded the new version.

    When installing this version the installer was not able to open the 'README' file.

    Also I am trying to configure the Source Control to use clearcase.

    In the Tools/Options/Source Control tab I have tried adding the drive that I have mapped to a Clearcase view, e.g. X:\

    I select Clearcase as my source control provider.
    The first few times that I tried this it kept complaining that 'path must be in a view' or words to that effect.

    I have just tried it now, and it threw an exception stating:
    Beyon Compare Version 2.4(build 240)
    Exception occured at: 000047F0
    Access violation at address 041957f0 in module 'BC2.exe'. Read of address 00005D50

    Note: I had a comparison window open at the time which was comparing two folders in the area that I had just configured for Clearcase.

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    Re: v2.4 - Source Control with Clearcase

    The SCC documentation is now available as a knowledge base article at

    Unfortunately we were not able to test the enterprise version control systems (ClearCase, Merant PVCS, Synergy CM/Continuus, and CA Harvest) so we can't offer any specific support for setting those up. If anyone else can get them set up successfully we will put the information up in our version control knowledge base article.
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