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  • Another note of thanks

    I would like to add my thanks to the other positive comments in this forum. BC is not only exactly what I looked for for years in a source file compare program, but also has proved to be useful for several other tasks.

    In addition to comparing and synching source code I have regularly used it for the following purposes:

    I backup my work machine to my home machine using BC's FTP capability.

    I not only use BC to compare different versions of the same programs, but also use it to 'write' code by 'comparing' the program I am writing with one which contains code similar to what I need. I then copy the appropriate sections into the new program.

    I maintain a number of programs which produce large reports. When I make a change I compare the output from the old and new versions to be sure no unexpected changes have slipped in.

    I am a mainframe programmer. When batch jobs run they produce a very extensive output listing (sometimes dozens of pages long) of the job steps with their associated file allocations, security checks, completion and or error codes, cpu usage statistics, etc. When one of these jobs fails for an obscure reason I use BC to compare the output listings of a successful and failed job. This will sometimes point me to the source of the problem.

    I maintain some large mailing lists in a MYSQL database for which I have written the access routines (meaning they cannot necessarily be trusted). To be sure I have not garbaged the data I dump the contents of the database before and after I have made changes and use BC to compare the dumps. This way I can be sure nothing unexpected happened when I modified the data.