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  • BC and the web

    I use BC for a lot of stuff, but I primarily use its FTP features to update my web site. Often, when I am updating my web site, I can't remember exactly which pages I've changed and which images are no, and BC is great because it tells me exactly what the differences are between the server and my computer. While I realize that FTP support in BC has a few kinks, I love it!

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    Re: BC and the web

    Furthermore, BC is faster than some FTP clients

    It is an exception when I don't use BC during 1 day Everyday, I have a good reason to use BC
    Michel Dessaintes
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      Re: BC and the web

      Same here.
      I use it for everything. Somedays more than I would use Windows Explorer! It's so versatile and flexible. I wish the guys at Scooter made OS's!!!
      Regarding FTP it would benefit from having a "resume" function. It can be frustrating when the download of a big file crashes (through no fault if BC's) and you have to start it from scratch again.