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  • Compare folders, different file names


    We use Beyond Compare here and find it a most helpfule tool.

    We store our source code in folders with different release numbers in the names eg; SJ3BAW in the Release 3 folder and SJ4BAW in the Release 4 folder.

    Is there a method of using QC to compare the files with different names using the folder comparison and then generating a report of the files that are different?

    I can do them individually but that would take too long. If I change the names I can do the compares but that is too tedious.

    The object is to discover the files that have been changed between Releases and confirm that the changes are correct.

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    Re: Compare folders, different file names

    It isn't possible to ignore the folder names.

    You'll need to load SJ3BAW as the base folder on one side, and SJ4BAW as the base folder on the other side to compare all of the files.

    To generate the report, View|Expand All, then use the Actions|Folder Comparison Report command. This will generate a report listing the names of files with differences.

    By default Beyond Compare will compare the timestamp and size of files, for source code you'll probably want to compare text contents by selecting Rules-based comparison in Session|Comparison Control.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Re: Compare folders, different file names

      Although this isn't possible in BC 2.5.1, we're working on support for this in Beyond Compare 3.

      Right now BC3 is in private beta. If you're a registered user and you'd like to try the, send an email to
      Chris K Scooter Software


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        Please don't take this as an insult, but I'd like to offer another option: Don't change the filenames.
        In my view storing source files in a folder with version in the name AND a version code in the filename is overkill. Plus it actually makes comparison more difficult because the filename is chaning as well! It's like a moving target!