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BC=Among my fav utilities; the many ways I use it.

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  • BC=Among my fav utilities; the many ways I use it.

    1. I can back up web sites (the files anyway, I haven't run into permission issues - I only do simple HTML stuff).

    1a. I can change those web sites locally, then "sync" by moving changes to the web site with FTP

    2. I have 2 machines on diff networks (one a corporate intranet) that can't get to each other. SO I create an FTP subdirectory for exchanging things. On machine "A" I BC between local and the FTP directory; on machine "B" I do the same thing. By doing bidirectional synchronization, I can keep the machines in sync using the external site.

    3. Backing up recorded video - I made my own "Tivo"(TM) using's software. I can easily hang a USB 500G drive on my recorder machine and back up my recordings.

    4. Capturing "catalogs" of offline media.

    If I make a backup, whether to CD, DVD, USB drive, USB key, web site, etc, I can "save snapshot" so later on, when that media is not readily available, I can "check to see what's on it" such as looking for a file I erased or to find a previous version, etc.

    5. Daily backups

    I have a Ximeta NDAS -- a disk that directly attaches to your network (though this would of course work for file shares, etc).

    Almost every day, I connect the network storage (issue the mount command), then run a saved session to copy files.

    Actually, I created a filetype (which may be redundant to something Scooter has done?) called .BCS (Beyond Compare Script), and when clicked, it runs BC in batch mode, copying all changed files to the NDAS.

    6. Clean duplicates out of zip files.

    Some times I zip up a bunch of things as a backup in case I mess something up. Sometimes I have multiple of these.

    I can open one on the left in BC and one on the right, set filter to "=", then erase the ones that are duplicated, from, say, the newer ZIP file (since truly it had not changed from older zip to newer).

    7. At work, we have 2 systems management machines (servers that monitor other servers). All of our scripting, filtering, action plans, etc. are to be identical between the primary and backup machine. All I do is periodically hook my laptop into the network, and open UNCs (\\servername\sharename) into both machines' subdirectories, and do a bidirectional sync.

    These may all be every day things for all of you but maybe there are some ideas you'd not thought of.