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Can I enter my key by script?

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  • Can I enter my key by script?

    My company has a quantity license for Beyond Compare 2. When we put our baseload on a new computer, the Beyond compare license becomes invalid and we must enter it again manually. Is there a way I can enter the license key with a command file or script so that it is easier?

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    What procedure do you use to "put our baseload on a new computer"? Are you reinstalling BC2 to a new location? If so, you can use this setup guide to automate the process and include a key:

    You can also manually copy a BC2.key into the application directory to register that install for all users. Please be sure that only the appropriate number of users can then access that install.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      To do a baseload, we create a computer that has all the software we want installed, ID's and protections etc set, then we do a "sysprep" The resulting image is then installed on each new computer deployed. Although Beyond compare key is installed before we do the "sysprep", when it is deployed to new computers, is shows up as unregistered until we enter the key manually. I will try the BC2.key to see it that works.