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bcomp vs bcqc - speed?

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  • bcomp vs bcqc - speed?

    Does anyone know if there is a difference between version 2's bcqc and version 3's bcomp when comparing 2 large binary files (20gig+)

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    It should be roughly the same. BCQC calls BC2 to perform the quick compare, while "bcompare.exe /qc" or "bcomp.exe /qc" also triggers a bcompare quick compare.

    You can have both trial or full versions of BC2 and BC3 installed at the same time. Please feel free to test on your specific hardware with either version.

    Update: You can't use the Hex Viewer/Compare for these large files (Rules-based). You can run a binary compare.
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      Thanks for the reply!

      Next question is how much of a speed difference should there be between using the GUI (through a script) to compare a file with and using bcqc /b in a batch file?

      Again with larger files of 20+ gigs

      Obviously I'm looking for the quickest most reliable way to compare 2 binary files across a network.
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        There would maybe be a small overhead using the graphical interface, but it would only impact if you were calling BC3 repeatedly on many small files. Compared to the process of scanning a 20gig file, there shouldn't be much of a difference.

        I would recommend using the interface that provides the information you are looking for. The GUI allows for quick interaction and feedback, while the command line /quickcompare is designed to be integrated into larger automated solutions.
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