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  • Compare is deleting files


    I'm noew to BC2, so I apologize for maybe asking an obvious thing. I'm trying to set up a simple script to do a CRC check on the files in two seperate folders. But no matter what script I use, it always deletes the contents of one of the folders. And I might be using the wrong syntax for a crc check as well.

    My script below. The contents and file names in the QA folder and dev folder are the same, but it always deletes the dev folder. Appreciate any help.

    criteria rules-based
    load C:\folder1\123\QA C:\folder1\123\dev
    select all
    compare rules-based
    expand all
    folder-report layout:summary & output-to:c:\folder1\report.txt

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    Your script commands are a bit out of order, but none of them should delete any content. There may be another program (security software?) that is reading and quarantining your data as the crc codes are generated.

    Your script can be re-written as:
    criteria rules-based
    load "c:\folder1\123\qa" "c:\folder1\123\dev"
    expand all
    folder-report layout:summary output-to:"c:\folder1\report.txt"

    If criteria is set before a load, then that is used during the load. You don't need to compare again after the load. The folder-report line only needs the "&" character if there is a line break.

    Which version of BC2 are you currently using? All BC2.x updates are free for 2.x users; you can update to the latest 2.5.3 release here:

    If you are still having any problems, I would suggestion emailing us at support@scootersoftware with:
    1) Your current script file as a text file attachment
    2) Your from the Help menu -> Support; Export
    3) A link back to this forum post for reference.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks for the prompt response Aaron.

      I've updated BC2, understand your comment about the '&' and line breaks, thanks.
      As far as the files getting deleted goes, there was a call at the bottom of the batch file that calls BC2 that should have been commented out that caused the delete. I'd been staring at it for too long to realise what it was doing.

      Thanks for your help!