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Script to display orphans ONLY

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    I am using a trial version, I do not know if there is support with that.

    And from your words I see that there is no way to force the script to enforce settings, so even if I get it to work on my pc, and then run it on a different PC, there is no guaranmtee it will give the same results.


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      The default settings should be Compare Files and Folder Structure, not Always Show Folders. This would show folders only if they contain Orphan files or are Orphans themselves. When you switched it and tried again, did you reload the graphical interface to see if the button "stuck", or did you run the script? Please double check the graphical interface first to see if the option is remembered.

      Our BC3 trial is fully featured to help users fully test the application before purchase.

      You seem to be running into some issues. If you email us your support package from the Help menu -> Support dialog; Export, we can review your settings and setup a test install here in the office.
      Aaron P Scooter Software