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Unable to load base folder – exit without user OK

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  • Unable to load base folder – exit without user OK

    I have some scripts which load several servers. On occasion, a server may be down for whatever reason. If the script is “unable to load base folder”, is there a way to prevent/disable/acknowledge the “unable” message and therefore allow the script to exit without a user (ie me) clicking OK?

    Option confirm:yes-to-all doesn't appear to handle this message.

    Sorry if this topic has already been addressed; I did look before posting.

    V 2.5.3

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    You'll need to use the /silent command to suppress that error message. I would suggest adding the "log" command as the first line of your script, since /silent will also suppress the main dialog as well.

    the option confirm:yes-to-all refers to specific file operations where a yes/no question is present. Unable to load basefolder is considered a serious script error, and it could no longer continue.
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      Silent did the trick. Thank you for your help.