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  • Output filename and type of results

    I've scanned through some posts looking for what I need, I think I found a answer to 1 question, but I'll ask it again just to make sure....

    Question 1. Is there a way to have the output report file have a time/data stamp as the file name? ex.... %t-%d.txt would yield 16:44:30-04102010.txt

    Would I use that in the commandline batch file as well as in the script file?

    Question 2. Is there a way to have the output report list the source files that don't match? For example...

    D: drive is the source..
    E: drive is to be a mirror copy..

    BC2 scans all directories on D: & E: and finds that E:\test\junk.xls doesn't match d:\test\junk.xls (d: is a larger and newer file). BC2 will need to copy the D: drive file to the E: drive. I want it to just list the source file in the report that was newer...

    Total source files not matching/existing on E: drive = 522
    d:\test\junk.xls (newer)

    Does that make sense? I guess it would be ok if it just listed the E: drive file as out of data/different size. But I really don't need to list both AND I really don't want the output file to list all files scanned, whether they matched or not.

    I'm using BC2 to do a mirror backup of a data drive on a server to a thumb drive. I want a separate output report file for each backup, but don't want it to have extra information in it that I won't use. I only need the original file that doesn't match/exist on the destination drive and the total count of mismatches.

    Question 3. Is there a way for BC2 to output via STDOUT various steps in the process? I.E.:
    Beginning scan.
    Found 522 files mismatched.
    Copying over mismatched files from source to destination.
    Process Complete.

    I've written a script to run on my file server, using AutoIT, that'll detect when a thumb drive (with a certain hardware ID) is inserted into a USB port on the server, send a message to the backup admin's computer letting them know it was inserted and that the backup has begun. The script will start BC2 and send the admin a notification when the backup is complete. The script will then "eject" the thumb drive. I'd like the script to be able to read when certain steps are complete in the BC2's compare process and be able to report that back to the backup admin, so she knows how far along it is. If BC2 was capable of doing a STDOUT function, that would be great. If not, then if it could output the stages to a text file, I could have my script continuously scan the text file looking for those changes....


    Thanks much.

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    I'll try to answer each of your questions. If I miss anything, please just let me know:

    1) You want to use the %date% and %fn_time% variables (documentation under the Help file in the Command Line and Scripting -> Scripts Overview section).

    2) You want to use the folder-report command, and you can use the options:display-right-newer-orphans (or left, depending on the direction of the sync) before the sync step. This way, you generate a report showing the different items on the destination side before they are deleted or replaced.

    3) We don't have a STDOUT method, but you can put your entire script call into a .bat file, such as:
    bc2.exe @script.txt
    echo Text

    This way, you can perform any particular step you would like after the script call is made to bc2.
    Aaron P Scooter Software