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how to ignore unimportant text using script

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  • how to ignore unimportant text using script


    I want to generate a report which will show the difference between two files in terms of no.of.lines added,no.of.lines deleted and no.of lines changed....

    Here is my script

    load "C:\Mohan" "C:\mohan2"
    expand all
    select all.files
    text-report layout:statistics options:ignore-unimportant output-to:C:\Mohan3\report.csv

    It is generating the report.But i want the columns USource,UAdded,Udeleted and UChanged to be ignored.How can i do that using script?..

    Thanks in advance.
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    Here's a description of the terms from the statistics report:

    SourceFile - file on the left side of the comparison, considered the older file.
    CompareFile - right side file, considered the newer file.
    IOriginal - total number of important lines in left file.
    IAdded - important right orphan lines.
    IDeleted - important left orphan lines
    IChanged - important different lines
    The U lines are the same as above, just for lines of text that are unimportant.

    An example of important is a line with source code differences, an unimportant lines would be a line containing comments.

    The importance is controlled in the Session Settings. The easiest way to configure this would be to change the default Text Compare session settings to mark grammar elements as Important or Unimportant as you see fit, and make sure the Ignore Unimportant is enabled in the graphical toolbar. You can save a session with Ignore Unimportant, and the folders set, then "load SessionName" instead of load folder1 folder2.

    My suggestion would be to first get the report generated in the graphical interface. Once setup, we can help you setup the script to perform or load the correct settings.
    Aaron P Scooter Software