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  • Commandline quickcompare with snapshot

    I got a problem doing a commandline quick compare of a folder with a snapshot. I need a non-interactive compare in a batch file.

    a) bc2 /qc <folder> <snapshot>
    Here an error dialog pops up, saying "Streaming is not supported in this container". I have to click it away with the mouse.

    b) bc2 /qc <snapshot>
    This works well without the "/qc", but with it, I always get Errorlevel=3 -> Error.

    Any ideas?

    Regards, Matt

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    Hi Matt,

    The command line quick compare only supports comparison of files. It cannot compare entire folders.

    For Beyond Compare 2, you should also use "bcqc.exe" instead of "bc2.exe /qc". GUI programs don't set DOS error levels reliably so we included the console program bcqc.exe in newer versions of BC2. If you don't have "bcqc.exe", you'll want to update to BC 2.5.3 from our web site.
    Chris K Scooter Software