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File Comparison results available in DOS?

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  • File Comparison results available in DOS?

    I need to copy files from a host area to a target area. The directory structure is completely different between the 2 areas (about 10 folders in host area and 3 on the target area). So I've got a DOS batch file that copies the files (there are about 150 of them) one-by-one from the host area to the target area. Most of these files are auto-generated C code, and many times the only difference is an embedded time stamp, which is in a comment. Thus it shows up as an unimportant difference when looking at them interactively. Is there a way to do a file difference via scripts that returns the result (i.e. MATCH, MISMATCH, SIMILAR)? I'd like to only copy files from the host to target area that are really different, thus saving build time, saving unnecessary versions on the target,...etc. I'm using BC 2.3.1, thanks for the help!!

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