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Single folder structure from a folder compare

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  • Single folder structure from a folder compare

    Is it possible to output a single folder structure showing everything from a folder compare? A customer would ike to view the file/folder differences between to folder structures in a single folder tree.

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    In BC2, you can turn on always show folders, then set your filters to -*.* to avoid displaying files. This will list all of the folders. It isn't possible to display just the folder structure differences in BC2.

    In BC3, if you set View > Compare Files and Folder Structure, then use the filename filter -*.*, you can set to show orphans or differences to see folders that only exist on one side.

    It isn't possible to set the BC3 "Compare Files and Folder Structure" setting from a script, so you'll have to generate the report interactively in BC3 to only show the different folders.
    Chris K Scooter Software