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Hex Compare To Find Duplicates

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  • Hex Compare To Find Duplicates

    I may have several copies of jpg files with different names. Is it possible to do a script that will check two folders and find duplicates based on hex compare? Can someone help me with this.


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    BC3 doesn't currently allow you to automatically align files based on content, although that is in the wish list for a future version (as-is duplicate file finder functionality). I don't know a simple way to script such a check with BC3, but you certainly can eye-ball it as follows:

    Option 1 - Open a folder compare session, right-click on the column headers and ensure that the CRC column is showing. Sort by CRC. Any files with the same CRC should be identical.

    Option 2 - If multiple duplicates of the same file are on the same hard-drive (but in different sub-folders), open a folder compare with the common parent folder on one side and leave the other side blank. Filter for your .jpg files and expand all. Choose the "Ignore Folder Structure" option from the Folder View dropdown to see a flattened view of all the jpg files together. Ensure that the CRC column is visible and sort by it. Any number of duplicate files can then be identified when you see more than one of the same value in the CRC column.
    BC v4.0.7 build 19761