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FTP Sync - It does nothing

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  • FTP Sync - It does nothing

    This may be a Noob question, but I have read the forums and the help on scripting, and there's something I must be missing.

    My scheduled task runs:
    <font color="green"> BC2.exe @D:\BCsync.txt /silent option confirm:yes-to-all

    My D:\BCsync.txt is:
    <font color="green"> # Turn logging on
    log normal "D:\BC-Synclog.txt"
    # Set comparison criteria
    criteria timestamp size
    # Exclude certain file types
    filter "-*.*~"
    # Load the base folders
    load "D:\Server" ""
    #Make the target identical to the source
    #includes deleting files that only exist on the target side
    sync mirror:lt->rt

    When this task runs, BC2.exe runs silently, but nothing happens. Am I simply not waiting long enough? My base folder has about 25,000 files.

    What am I missing?

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    Re: FTP Sync - It does nothing

    The script looks sound except for a couple of minor things.

    I recommend turning off the /silent option and watching what the pop-up says. It will give you clues if anything is actually going wrong.

    Also, "option confirm:yes-to-all" is actually script, so it should be the first line of your script file, rather than input on the commmand line.

    So, the command line call should be just "bc2.exe @D:\BCSync.txt"
    and the script should start with the "option confirm:yes-to-all" line.

    I recommend, also, testing the mirror command on a pair of backed up folders, or test data. Mirror will delete files if they aren't present in the originating side (left side, for you). You will probably want to change the right side address to be a Test folder on your ftp, until you are comfortable with your script.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Re: FTP Sync - It does nothing

      The other reason to not run silent is the pop-up dialog will let you know when it is finished (with optional Beeps, or automatic closing of the dialog).

      This will let you know if it is 'just taking a long time'

      Once you are sure it works, and have an idea of how long it should take, you can turn the silent option back on.
      Aaron P Scooter Software


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        Re: FTP Sync - It does nothing

        OK... so now it's working.

        The only issue I see that that I am getting a lot of Error 500's. When I use the GUI, I know that this can be fixed by setting the FTP mode to passive. How do I set the mode to passive in the script?


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          Re: FTP Sync - It does nothing

          It should use the options set in the GUI. Options are stored per user, however. Is the user on the machine running the script the same as the user logged in to use the GUI?

          The other alternative is to switch to single directory mode:

          <Edited: This was posted by me: Aaron>


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            Re: FTP Sync - It does nothing

            Yep. I was using a "sync" account. I logged in as sync, changed the options, and the 500's went away. Thanks! Also, very cool about being able to run from removable media.

            Thanks for all your help.