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folder/file diff/merge operations?

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  • folder/file diff/merge operations?

    I'm thinking about buying BC. Our main requirement is for a tool like BC that can be run from other build tools such as FinalBuilder or Visual Build Pro. Can someone please tell me if and how I would achieve the following in BC : -

    two folders: Folder A & Folder B (source files)

    1. List of files in Folder A not in Folder B
    2. List of files in Folder B not in Folder A
    3. List of files that are in both Folder A and Folder B but have differences.

    Note that the source files are in fact scripted out SQL Server jobs. I will use the lists from steps 1, 2 and 3 above to either a) create a new job on the target server (if there is a new script file or an existing script file has changed) or, b) drop a job from the target server if a a source file has been removed (ie. missing from Folder A but still present in Folder B). These tasks will be handled by FinalBuilder or Visual Build Pro.


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    Re: folder/file diff/merge operations?

    Yes, Beyond Compare can automatically generate a Report that will show you those files.

    BC has built in FinalBuilder support:

    or can be run from the command line 'bc2.exe @script.txt'
    Once launched, it will read the script.txt (or any file specified) for script instructions which it will then execute.

    One of these instructions is folder-report (see the BC Help file in Help->Contents, or F1, for a detailed description of all of folder reports options in the CommandLine and Scripting section)

    BC has a free 30 real-day trial (doesn't count days you don't launch the program) which supports everything but plug-ins (picture comparison, etc). First step would be to download it and give it a try. If you need further assisstance, you can post here, or email us at

    The example in the help file "Performing Rules Based Compare and logging the results" is probably pretty close to what you want (display-mismatches, but you probably don't need the filter):
    #log to a file of the form log2004-10-13.txt
    #the exact format depends on your regional and language settings
    log verbose appendrojectlog%date%.txt
    #compare the text contents of the files
    criteria rules-based
    #only compare delphi source files, ignore the archive folder
    filter "*.pas;*.dfm;*.dpr;*.inc;-archive\"
    load s:\project\chris s:\project\tim
    folder-report layout:summary &
    options:display-mismatches,column-attributes,column-timestamp,column-size &
    Aaron P Scooter Software