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  • Comparing with archive files

    I have two "releases" I'm trying to compare, each has multiple .CAB files that I need to compare the contents of. But from what I can see, only the snapshot script instruction allows expanding archive files to do internal comparisons.

    Is it possible to compare two BCSS files (snapshot files)? Or is there some other way to compare two sets of archive files without having to expand them into a directory tree and run the comparisons against those?


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    Re: Comparing with archive files

    If you load two .CAB files as base folders, a BC script should look inside their contents.

    If you are comparing two folders that contain multiple cab files, it is a bit more tricky. By default, BC will not look inside the contents of the cab files.

    Interactively, BC doesn't look inside the contents of archive files until you double click to expand them. You can also force BC to always look inside the contents of archives by checking "Always treat archive files as folders" in the Advanced tab of Session|Comparison Control.

    There isn't a way to set "Always treat archive files as folders" from a script. Instead, save a session with this setting checked, then load the saved session in your script. This should make your script compare inside the archives.

    Another option is the turn on "Always treat archive files as folders", then select Session|Set Default and click "Set current settings as defaults". This should make all new sessions expand archives automatically.
    Chris K Scooter Software