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New to BCQC.exe utility and trying to compare files

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  • New to BCQC.exe utility and trying to compare files

    Hi Team ,

    Currently I am trying to use BCQC.exe utility ( version is 2.5.3) through command prompt for files Comparsion. I am very new to the BC. Below is the way I am trying.

    1. Please find attached FileCompare.txt which is my script file. I have kept this file in the P: drive
    2. Comparsion files are 3.txt and 2.txt which are kept in the P: drive
    3. I have BCQC.exe in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Beyond Compare 2
    4. I am executing below command from the command prompt as
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Beyond Compare 2\BCQC.exe" @P:\foldercompare.txt P:\3.txt P:2.txt P:\diffreport.html

    Below is the issue :-

    1. diffreport.html is not getting generated in the P: drive

    Can you please help
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    BCQC.exe and BC Scripting (@script.txt) are two separate functions that cannot be combined. BCQC.exe is designed to take in two separate text files, then return an ErrorLevel value to the command line for their comparison status. To run a script, you need to use BC2.exe. I would suggestion additional quotes to help capture whitespace:
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Beyond Compare 2\BCQC.exe" "@P:\foldercompare.txt" "P:\3.txt" "P:\2.txt" "P:\diffreport.html"

    Then in script:
    file-report layout:side-by-side options:display-all,line-numbers output-options:html-color output-to:"%3" "%1" "%2"

    How does this work for you?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Hi Team ,

      I have tried changing the script as mentioned.

      Also executed command line as "C:\Program Files (x86)\Beyond Compare 2\BCQC.exe" "@P:\foldercompare.txt" "P:\3.txt" "P:\2.txt" "P:\diffreport.html"
      but it is not creating any diffreport.html in the P: drive. When i tried executing the command line , it is showing screen as below ( I am not able to attach the snapshot. So below
      is the copied from command prompt.) . Can you please advise.

      [B][SIZE=2]Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
      Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

      C:\Users\kulkaraa>"C:\Program Files (x86)\Beyond Compare 2\BCQC.exe" "@P:\folder
      compare.txt" "P:\3.txt" "P:\2.txt" "P:\diffreport.html"
      QuickCompare for Beyond Compare 2
      Copyright (c) 2005 Scooter Software, Inc.

      Syntax: bcqc [options] filename filename

      /size, /s = size-only comparison
      /crc, /c = CRC32 comparison
      /binary, /b = binary comparison
      /rules[=rules name], /r = rules-based comparison
      /selftest = run a self test (omit filenames)

      The /rules switch can optionally include the name of an
      existing rules set. If the rules name is omitted the rules
      will be picked automatically based on the file names.

      Comparison result is returned as the DOS ErrorLevel
      0 = files match
      1 = files only contain unimportant differences
      2 = files do not match
      3 = error, result unknown
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        BCQC.exe cannot be used to run a @bcscript.

        You can either run:
        bcqc.exe "c:\file1.txt" "c:\file2.txt"
        which returns an %ErrorLevel% value if the files are equal or different. It is designed to be implemented into other automated solutions, which read the errorlevel then act on the information.

        Or you can run:
        bc2.exe "@c:\bcscript.txt" "c:\file1.txt" "c:\file2.txt" "c:\report.html"
        which can then run and generate the report using the bcscript.txt file.

        We cannot generate a report and the errorlevel at the same time. This would be two separate calls.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Hi Many thanks. It is working now