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Data Viewer and Loading Saved Rules

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  • Data Viewer and Loading Saved Rules

    I am comparing files with names like {account number}-{file type}.txt. I have created a rule for a specific file type. I need to LOAD that rule for other files with the same file type, although they have different file names. How can I do this?

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    Re: Data Viewer and Loading Saved Rules

    When comparing "C:\1.csv" and "D:\2.csv", the Data Viewer (2.2.5) will use the first rule file it finds in this list:
    <ul type="square">[*]"C:\1.bcdv" (same filename as left side except extention)[*]"D:\2.bcdv" (same filename as right side except extention)[*]"C:\Default.bcdv" ("Default.bcdv" in same folder as left side)[*]"D:\Default.bcdv" ("Default.bcdv" in same folder as right side)[/list]
    If all your files are in the same folder, you can just save your rules as the defaults (Tools > Save Rules As Default). Otherwise, you will need to save a copy of your rules that matches the names of your files (Tools > Save Rules As).
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