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Data Viewer removed feature?

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  • Data Viewer removed feature?

    I've been using the data viewer plug-in for years and have been very happy with it. I just upgraded to the latest data viewer and noticed a few things which I can't find anymore. The feature I miss most is "Just columns with differences". This was very handy, especially with very wide tables. Also, the field selection dialogs in previous versions was somehow easier to use than clicking on each column to hide/remove columns.

    I hope I'm missing something here. Otherwise, it seems like a step backward to me

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    Re: Data Viewer removed feature?

    We removed the column display filters like Just columns with differences in order to simplify the interface.
    We'll consider restoring this feature or adding a similar feature like a visible columns dialog. In the meantime, let me know if you need a copy of an older version that has this feature.

    FYI, the current Data Viewer (2.2.5) allows you to remove columns. This means that these columns aren't even compared. You can remove multiple columns in the Data Compare Rules dialog. You can save those settings to be used in future comparisons of the same files.
    Erik Scooter Software