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Data Viewer plugin and scripting

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  • Data Viewer plugin and scripting

    I have BC 2.1.1 bld 215 and I'm trying to create a script that will compare two db exports.

    The files are comma delimited and I'm trying to use the plug-in to reduce the output to only the differences (modified fields, etc.).

    Here is my command line syntax:

    %BC% @C:\data\utils\dbversion.txt %olddbver% %newdbver% %test%\DBVersion.html

    I'm not sure if I have the correct syntax, but, here is my current BC script (I have multiple report types because I'm trying to find the right type of report to use):

    select all
    compare rules-based
    file-report layout:side-by-side layout-options:display-mismatches output-to:%fsltest%\DBVulns-sbs-mismatches.html %olddbvulns% %newdbvulns% output-options:html-color
    file-report layout:side-by-side layout-options:display-context output-to:%fsltest%\DBVulns-sbs-context.html %olddbvulns% %newdbvulns% output-options:html-color
    file-report layoutver-under layout-options:display-mismatches output-to:%fsltest%\DBVulns-ovun-mismatches.html %olddbvulns% %newdbvulns% output-options:html-color
    file-report layoutver-under layout-options:display-context output-to:%fsltest%\DBVulns-sbs-context.html %olddbvulns% %newdbvulns% output-options:html-color

    I can't seem to get the output type that I desire. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!



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    Re: Data Viewer plugin and scripting

    file-report creates reports like the File Viewer does. Currently, there isn't any command that creates reports like plug-ins do.

    FYI, compare rules-based is unnecessary in this script because file-report compares the files using rules when it creates the report. However, you could use it to avoid creating reports for files that match based on rules.

    select diff.files newer.files older.files
    compare rules-based
    select diff.files newer.files older.files
    file-report layout:side-by-side output-to:printer
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