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ZIP64 - problem with _big_ ZIP file

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  • ZIP64 - problem with _big_ ZIP file

    Hi ...

    I just encountered that BeyondCompare 2.1.1 (215) shares a common problem with various programs with ZIP support: Huge ZIP files are a problem.
    I'm talking about ZIP files of more than 2 GB. I'm using a backup solution that creates primary, incremental or differental backups using regular ZIP files - called "BackUp Maker" Those ZIPs can be stored on DVD media (in my case DVD+R(W)) - so my last primary backup ZIP was 2,44 GB (2.622.726.027 Bytes) large and contained 46336 files.

    Beyond Compare can't access it. Actually many ZIP compatible programs using the Info-ZIP free libraries from can't handle files that big. - Anyway: WinZIP 8 and a few other ZIP tools can: The archive is in perfect condition.

    ... So: May there be hope for a ZIP64 compatible ZIP plug-in that will be able to handle ZIP files that big?

    Bye -- and thanks in advance!


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    Re: ZIP64 - problem with _big_ ZIP file

    Hi Gero,

    Once we add support for plug-in archive types it shouldn't be too difficult to create an external zip plug-in, provided you had a library that supported the ZIP64 standard. It's also possible that we'll eventually add native support for larger files.

    This won't be any time soon though. I won't give specific version or date estimates, but I don't think there's any chance we'll have this fixed in 2004.

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