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  • .NET IL plug-in

    It would be very useful (at least to me) to have a plug-in that compared .NET intermediate language for two .NET assemblies. It would be similar to ILDASM.exe, only you could compare two assemblies side-by-side.

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    Re: .NET IL plug-in

    This sounds like something you might be able to setup as an external conversion rule. Beyond Compare's File Viewer can run programs to generate temp files for comparison.

    To create a new rule, select Tools|Options and go to the Rules section.
    In the Rules section, click New.
    Give the rule a name and associate it with a file extension if you would like it to be automatically be selected, such as *.exe.
    Go to the Conversion tab.
    Select External Program.
    In Run when loading: enter the path and command line arguments needed to make the disassembler generate a text file. Source and target file names are represented by %s and %t.
    Chris K Scooter Software