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Saving rules for Data Viewer

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  • Saving rules for Data Viewer

    I'm using BC and the data viewer Plug-in (version 2.3) to compare files on a VMS machine. Unfortunately, the file format which I'd need in order to save files doesn't match the standard format used to output the rules file.

    When I use the "save as" option, I don't get an opportunity to enter a file name. when I use the "save as default" option, I get a message: Unable to write to ftp://<user>@<machine>/D2efault.bcdv.

    I know this is because I'm comparing on a VMS machine.

    Is there a trick to "save as"? Or is this a bug?


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    Re: Saving rules for Data Viewer

    Thanks for the bug report. We'll look into saving rules on FTP sites for a future version of the Data Viewer.

    Note: Saving rules will work if the LEFT side is a local file.
    Erik Scooter Software