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Plug-in for Visio files (*.vsd)

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  • Plug-in for Visio files (*.vsd)

    Is there a plugin or rule configuration, other than plain hex, that would allow comparisons of Visio files (vector drawings)?

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    Re: Plug-in for Visio files (*.vsd)

    A plug-in for Visio is on the wish list.

    If Visio supports exporting into a plain text format, that will probably be the best way to compare the files other than a Hex compare.

    You can also try exporting as an image file and comparing using our Pix Viewer Plug-in
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Re: Plug-in for Visio files (*.vsd)

      Visio DOES support exporting to XML (called a VXD file)


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        So how would I set up BC3 to compare Visio files?
        presumably exporting to a .vdx file first, but how do you set that up to happen from BC?

        Or would one of the image file export formats be better? Or maybe html?

        I'd prefer something that will compare multi-sheet visio files, not just single sheets.

        Visio 2010 can export/save-as to these formats:
        Visio Drawing (vsd), Stencil (vss), Template (vst)
        XML Drawing (vdx), XML Stencil (vsx), XML Template (vtx)
        Visio 2002 Drawing (vsd), Stencil (vss), Template (vst)
        Scalable Vector Graphics (svg)
        Scalable Vector Graphics - Compressed (svgz)
        AutoCAD Drawing (dwg)
        AutoCAD Interchange (dxf)
        Web Page (htm, html)
        Compressed Enhanced Metafile (emz)
        Enhanced Metafile (emf)
        Graphics Interchange Format (gif)
        JPEG File Interchange Format (jpg)
        PDF (pdf)
        Portable Network Graphics (png)
        Tag Image File Format (tif)
        Windows Bitmap (bmp, dib)
        Windows Metafile (wmf)
        XPS Document (xps)


        (fwiw, I'm using BC 3.3.8 on win7 at the moment, and Visio 2010)


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          Our Text Compare can open any plain text file. The Data Compare can open a table view of any plain text delimited/column file (CSV, Tab Delimted, Fixed Width Column, etc). And the Picture Compare can open Picture files (png, jpg, etc).

          Please try exporting a few different formats manually from Visio, and open them in each of the respective Session types. Which session type best compares your files?

          Once found, you can then investigate Visio's command line options, if there is a command line export method, it can be plugged into BC3 and used as an External Conversion for a File Format.
          Aaron P Scooter Software