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Help - BC3 keeps trying to CRC files

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  • Help - BC3 keeps trying to CRC files

    OK so while trying to pinpoint my issue with BC3 I figured out what the issue was, its still kinda a bug though.

    Every now and then, beyond compare would always be trying to read all the files in every folder when I expanded the tree after using the CRC column. Even after hiding the CRC column, starting a new session, restarting the program, rebooting, for some reason BC3 keep trying to read all file contents to hash the files when expanding the tree. I could not figure out why for the life of me it was still trying to hash all the files.

    Until now it had always been annoying and eventually it would stop trying to hash all the files on every compare and work normally.

    Turns out the issue was that I had sorted by the CRC column and even though I turn off the column, BC3 was still trying to sort by CRC hashes. It might be a nice fix to have BC3 default to file name sort when you tun off the CRC column, I dont see why you would need to sort by it when the column is not shown.

    Keep up the good work, beyond compare is my top computer application I cant live without. It is excellently designed, intuitive, and very powerful. I find new uses and ways to use it every week and think, wow it can do that to. Please, never ribbonize or appize beyond compare.
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    I just tested this out in the latest BC3 (3.3.7). When I disabled the CRC column, the sort flag moved back to the file name column, and a refresh/full refresh triggered a normal comparison (not CRC). Are you running the latest release? All BC3.x updates are free for 3.x users.

    Do you also have CRC setup as a background content compare in the Session menu -> Session Settings, Comparison tab, or in BC2's Session menu -> Comparison Control? This was posted in the BC2 forum; does this issue happen for you in only BC3?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Yes I am using 3.3.7.

      Ah, ok I see its even a more obscure quark than just just hiding the column.
      I had been "Ignore Folder Structure" mode then sorted by CRC, then switched back to "Only compare Files" mode and then hid the CRC column.

      It looks like if you are sorted by CRC, switch to another view or "Show..." mode and then hide the CRC column it does not reset the sort back to a visible column. I guess changing view clears the previous sort column history.


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        Thanks for the additional details. I am seeing some odd behavior following these steps; I'll open a tracker entry to investigate.
        Aaron P Scooter Software