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  • Disable merging functionality


    1. Can BT disable menus, toolbar icons, merging functionality programmatically or from a configuration file? Do you expose some API to do this? We basically just need the find & show next/previous difference.

    2. Display the Text Compare/Data Compare window screen directly?


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    1. Since this is in the BC2 forum, BC2 does not have the Text Merge session type, but in the file compare you could copy from left to right. You can make either pane read only on the commandline with /readonly, /leftreadonly, /rightreadonly (documented in the Help file -> Command Line and Scripting chapter).

    If this is BC3, you can pass in similar parameters for the Text Compare (/ro1, documented in the Help file -> Command Line Reference).

    Would you be using the Text Compare or Text Merge session type? The output pane of a merge cannot be disabled; do you need it to be because you are looking for a 3 way Text Compare (which we currently do not support)?

    2. The best way to do this is to create a new Rule/File Format for your files, and assign that to a specific file mask (*.txt, etc). This way, when files of the appropriate type are opened, we open the viewer you want automatically. If you want to open a blank viewer, this can be done from the command line using
    BC2: bc2.exe /fileviewer="Data Viewer" or just /fv
    BC3: bcompare.exe /fv="Text Compare" or /fv="DataCompare"
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Customization of Menus/Toolbars?

      Hi Aaron,

      Thank you for your reply.

      1. I apologize for the confusion. I'm actually referring to the Copy Left or Copy Right feature of BY when I used the term text merge. Basically, we only need the Text Compare and Data Compare features of BY, so therefore both sides that are being compared should be read only. I already have found it in your documentation.. By the way, is there a way to configure it only once? Or do we have to set this every time we call the Text Compare View.

      We also want to configure some of the tool bar icons. What I meant by this is to display/hide some of the toolbar icons of the Text/Data Compare at one time.Do you have such functionality?

      The only icons we want to present to the users are: Prev/Next Diff, Find, Copy a block of text.

      2. Can we customize the display of the of the file path? The reason for this is that the actual files to be compared is actually different from the filepath that the user should see.



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        1) You can update the Shortcut with the /ro, etc parameters, and when launched from this shortcut BC3 would always start with readonly set.

        2) The toolbar options are controlled by launching the specific view (Text Compare or Data Compare), then going to the Tools menu -> Customize Controls, selecting the commands and deselecting to Show on Toolbar. This is set in our settings, which can be exported using the Tools menu -> Export wizard to generate a bcpkg. The bcpkg is a renamed .zip file which contains our BCSetting.xmls.

        3) The file path can be customized on the command line using /lefttitle /title2 etc, as documented in the Help file's Command Line Reference chapter.
        Aaron P Scooter Software