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BC frequenly freezes on Windos 7 64 bits pro

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  • BC frequenly freezes on Windos 7 64 bits pro


    In my previous and small company (4 persons including the boss) we often used BC to update php sources between our local folder (wampserver), the local server, and the distant one. We were on windows 7 64 bits family. I was quite happy with BC, so now that I'm into a quite larger company (200+ employees, 20 developers), I try to show the use of it to my co-workers, which they don't see at first because we use subversion and the file upload on our servers is made by an admin team. Stil, we got rights to manage our own file transfers. Then I installed the demo version of BC pro, as we need sftp transfer. I'm on Win 7 64 bit pro. BC frequently freezes, something it never did on my previous work (but I don't recall if we used ftp or sftp transfer).

    I open BC and launch a session with local folder (wampserver too) on left and sftp folder on right. It's ok, until I launch a 2nd BC (not a tab, but the whole app, something that never mishappened before) : both BC freeze, even after 2 minutes, letting no choice but killing the app. However I've seen if the task manager that only 1 BC seemed to have launched. So I guessed launching 2 BC is now a problem. So I tried opening only 1 BC but with 2 tabs. As soon as I open a 2nd tab (with ctrl+T) with a sftp folder on each side, BC freezes for 1 minute, just showing the large white area normally containing the session list, but empty, and the "Open" button ; then the complete new tab shows entirely. This is quite harrassing. What can I do ?

    To be precise one more time : it's the opening of a new session tab, or a new BC window, that freezes the app. The files scan doesn't seem to be the pb. Although the freeze seems to be longer when I try to open a tab while the 1st tab is still scanning. But mainly I don't think the sessions being sftp ones or containing symlinks (excluding changes nothing) may be the pb. Thanks in advance for your replies.

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    I'm sorry to hear you are running into trouble. That's not a great first impression for your coworkers, but we'll see if we can figure out what is going on.

    BC3's New Tab and New Window commands launch these within the same BCompare.exe process. If a freeze manages to take down one window, it will take down any others part of the same process.

    You can create a Desktop shortcut to BC3, and in the command line properties add "/solo" as a parameter. This will cause any new instance of BC3 launched from this shortcut to also launch as a new BCompare.exe process. To test this, just launch two windows from the shortcut (without opening any sessions) and verify 2 BCompare.exe's exist in your Task Manager.

    As for what is triggering this crash, if you remove the wampserver from the equation, and just load a blank left side and an SFTP right side, then repeat those steps, does it still freeze up?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks for the /solo tip, it works : now I can open 2 BC without the 2nd one freezing.

      I also tried opening a session with blank on the left side and a sftp folder on the right (so there's no scanning and files on the right are all blue). In that case I have no pb opening other tabs. Then I tested this action, after closing all BCs :
      - I opened 1 BC ;
      - I launched my usual session, with a local folder on left and sftp folder on right ;
      - I waited until the scan was completed ; For the comparison rules I checked the following : "Compare contents" (not sure this is called that way because I use the french version of BC), "Comparison based on rules" and "Don't use results from quick tests" ;
      - I then open another tab, containing my session list : it freezes for a minute ; to this point, would the other tab have its scan still running or not doesn't matter, it freezes anyway.
      - Once the new tab unfreezes, I can close it and open other tabs, it doesn't freeze ; but after some minutes, it freezes again, even if the 1st tab containing my session is left untouched.


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        Is the "local" folder really local, or is it a remote share that is bound to a drive letter. You mentioned that it is a "wampserver" previously.

        Does the freeze last at most 1-2 minutes? If you let it sit for awhile, does BC3 always regain control and unfreeze?
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Hello Aaron, the local folder is really a local one. It's somewhere in C:\wamp_php522\www\ ; no aliases or symlinks to a remote server. The project has a few symlinks to other local directories (which are still in C:\wamp_php522\www\) but I excluded them. On the right side, there are the same symlinks targeting distant folders which are also excluded. I don't think they're the pb, because your test of having the left side blank works perfectly (no hanging on opening other tabs).

          For the freeze, it lasts around 1 minute (didn't mesure it precisely) then unfreezes. The only time it really crashed (no unfreeze after many minutes) was when I launched a second BC while the 1st one was still scanning and without using your /solo tip : it froze, so I went to another task, and when I finished it 5-6 minutes later BC was still hanging (blank window), I had to kill it in Windows task manager.

          If this can help, the BC version I use is the last one : v 3.3.5 build 15075.