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  • HTTP folder??

    hi, beyond compare looks amazing but I am trying to use it to compare a HTTP folder (one with user login too). I can open and work with ftp folders, using:
    but not http .

    Is there any way or are there any plans to include http? It should be simple to implement, right? (or am I wrong, as usual :|)

    I'm noticing that it can't even open public non-password-requiring http directories . I'm kind of shocked it can't do it!

    Thanks and I look forward to finding out.

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    Opening directories would actually be a bit tricky using the HTTP protocol. It is something on our Customer Wishlist, but I do not think it is a project we would be tackling soon.

    Most web servers also allow access to the same directory using the FTP protocol (or SFTP, if you have BC3 Pro), which is the recommended solution. Your web server provider should be able to help you setup an FTP server or is likely already running one.

    BC3 does support the HTTP protocol for individual files (such as in the Text Compare), but not the entire directory in the Folder Compare.

    Please let us know if you have any questions.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Ok thanks.

      This web server is one that isn't configured for FTP access, and will not be :/.

      On a rainy day I hope you tackle it and add the useful feature to BC . For now I'll try to find some other software.