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Brilliant! ... and a feature request

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  • Brilliant! ... and a feature request

    First of all I want to say that this piece of software is just brilliant! I'm a student/programmer/owner of own ICT company and as you probably understand have to deal with lot's of sync issues between laptop, pc, server(s), etc etc. This is the first piece of software which actually fulfils my needs. Definitaly going to buy it.

    Now my feature request: Is it maybe possible to add a feature to "flatten" the hieracrhical comparison view by pressing a toolbar button? This way I can quickly see the changed files without having to open a 10 folder deep hierarchy. An example comparison would then look like this:

    D:\Work\File1               => Z:\Work\File1
    D:\Work\Dir1\File2          => Z:\Work\Dir1\File2

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    Re: Brilliant! ... and a feature request

    I have a similar request... I have a program that leaves configuration files in different directories, depending the "mode" the program is run in. I want to monitor these configurations for changes, so I have replicated the directory structures. But the directory tree also shows directories that don't include any myapp*.cfg files...
    I would like to flatten the view in such a way that I don't show directories that are "empty" in the current view.


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      Re: Brilliant! ... and a feature request

      Flattening the directory structure is on the wishlist, and we're considering it for a future release.

      LFosdal: It sounds like you have the "Always Show Empty Folders" option enabled. It's in the View menu. If you change your filtering to only include "myapp*.cfg", turn off that option, and only show differences, it shouldn't include anything but the folders that actually have those files along with their parent folder.
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