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Getting "System Error. Code: 2. The system cannot find the file specified"

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  • Getting "System Error. Code: 2. The system cannot find the file specified"

    I saw in a different forum post that this either an OS error, or it's using unicode characters in the filename. So why doesn't this error out on anyone else's machines at my work when the compare the exact same files?

    Here are the filenames and paths that I'm working with:
    C:\Vault\Development-New\Main\AssemblySource\Drivers.Aamva\HelpDesk\Dat a\HelpDeskData.xml

    C:\Vault\Release\Main\AssemblySource\Drivers.Aamva \HelpDesk\Data\HelpDeskData.xml

    I've re-installed BC twice now, and still get the error, can anyone help me get rid of this? It just started popping up this week, and I haven't installed any new software. My company may have done some MS KB patches, but not sure on that.


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    The primary cause for this error is when an External Conversion process is used, but the helper files are not unzipped/unpacked to the expected directory.

    Which Rule is used for your XML files when you load them in BC2? If you go to the Tools menu -> Options dialog, Rules section, and edit that Rule, is there a path in the External Conversion section?

    If so, this is the expected path of the helper files. Please double check your install directory (Program Files\Beyond Compare 2\) to see if these files are present.

    If you are still having trouble, would you be able to email us a copy of your from the Help menu -> Support; Export, and a pair of sample files that demonstrate the error? Our email is and please include a link back to this forum thread for our reference.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks for the reply Aaron.

      I installed the Rules add-ons about a month ago. Here's what I have for these files types:

      Xml Tidy -> HtmlTidy\HtmlTidy.exe -config HtmlTidy\XmlTidyConfig.txt -o %t %s
      Xml Tidy Sorted -> HtmlTidy\HtmlTidy.exe -config HtmlTidy\XmlTidySortedConfig.txt -o %t %s
      Xml (nothing in the external conversion)

      Edit: These add-ons are installed in the same directory that BC2 is installed in. (It's in Program Files (x86) if that triggers anything else). Since the exe is at the same "level"/folder as BC2.exe, I thought that having that extra "HtmlTidy" folder in the front of the path would throw it off, so I removed that and it still doesn't work (I didn't restart or close the app though).
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        You'll want to have the helper files (all of them from the zip) in a new subdirectory in the BC2 install directory: Beyond Compare 2\HtmlTidy\HtmlTidy.exe

        There are detailed instructions in the downloaded zip in the Readme file. You can redownload and reinstall here:

        If you aren't sure which files belong with the Rule, and aren't sure which to move from the main install directory, don't worry. Leaving them there will add a little clutter, but won't hurt anything.
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        Aaron P Scooter Software