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"Open With" always passes in the filename

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  • ZoŽ
    That's intentional behavior, so I'm not sure it'll change soon. I can think of two ways two work around it though:

    1) Create a batch file that launches your app. BC will pass the filename into the batch file, but it won't get passed in to your app.

    2) Abuse cmd.exe. This flashes a console window for a split second, but does work directly from the Open With settings:

    cmd /c start notepad && echo "%f"

    Just replace "notepad" with your app.

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  • JimW
    started a topic "Open With" always passes in the filename

    "Open With" always passes in the filename

    I have a tool I want to launch with Open With, but it does not want any parameters. Even if I don't pass anything in, it looks like BC puts %f after it, which confuses my tool.

    Minor issue, but hard to work around.