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    I haven't used BC for awhile. So, kind of forget on how to set up the rules such that the file comparison is on C++ source code. Could someone please help me? Also, what are the rules for counting LLOC in C++ that Beyond Compare is employing? Because I diff 2 versions of my files and it appears that it counts everything, including comment lines which is not what I want.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Out of the box BC supports comparing C++ files and should use those rules automatically for any files ending in .c, .cc, .cpp, .cs, .h, and .hpp. You can adjust things using the "File Formats" command in the "Tools" menu.

    What command are you using to try to get the lines of code counts? The Text Compare Info command shows counts of important and unimportant differences, but doesn't split out important and unimportant matching lines, so the "### same line(s)" will include both code and comments.

    The Text Compare Report's Summary report has the same limitation as above. The Statistics report does split out important and unimportant unchanged lines (IOriginal, UOriginal), but it's not as easy to read.

    Keep in mind that BC does not have a full C++ grammar parser. In all cases the line counts are in terms of physical lines of text, not logical statements. Also, if a line has changes in both code and a comment, it will only be counted once, as an important change.
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