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  • Colours in Folder Viewer

    When comparing two folders with files that have the same timestamp, but nevertheless differ in content, the folders are coloured such that is difficult for me who have red-green color blindness to see the difference from two identical folders.

    I have looked through the options, but I can't see any way to change those colours. Is it possible to change them with a registry tweak, or are they fixed?

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    Re: Colours in Folder Viewer

    Currently the icon colors are fixed, although we have started some experimentation on making them follow your color selection.

    In the meantime, I could see us supporting a way to override the folder bitmaps. We could work with you to develop an optional set that's tuned for people with red-green blindness. (If there's anyone else out there with this condition, please let me know and we'll include you in the process.) We can possibly get this working for the next release.
    Tim T Scooter Software


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      Re: Colours in Folder Viewer

      Thank you for your reply and your generous offer. I would be very interested in a different icon set, and I will surely help you in any way I can with the process.

      I realize though that this is a problem that affect very few users, and very seldom (one of the folders are often "older" than the other, and is therefore easy to spot), so I can certainly understand if there are other issues that have higher priority.