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    Hello, I'm working on a "sync" program for our application. My program compares our build server directory to all of our host servers where the app is run from. I do a two-stage comparison of all the files to make it faster, first just checks for DateTime differences between two files, if those are equal, it's assumed that they are equal, if they aren't, then I want to do a comparison via Beyond Compare (actually bcqc.exe).

    In order to make my program even faster, all file comparisons are done using threading. So all of the files in a particular folder will spin up their own thread to do the comparison.

    My problem is, when I'm on the 2nd round of the comparison (via bcqc.exe) and I try and spin up multiple threads for each file (and then each thread will then start a new instance of bcqc.exe), I get the error "Stream not supported in this container.".

    Is it not possible to run my comparison with multiple threads like this? What is the actual error that is going on here, becuase this is not helpful to me.

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    I'm not sure why you would be hitting the "Steam not supported in this container" error. That would normally occur if you tried to open the wrong type of object in the wrong type of compare (a folder in a File Viewer, or vice versa).

    BC3 actually handles most of what you are trying to setup automatically. BC3 can be configured to only run a detailed scan if the quick test returns different, can use multiple FTP connections and threads, and can then generate XML Reports on any of the files in view, using a BC script. I would suggest downloading the trial of BC3 (which can be installed alongside BC2, and does not require altering or removing BC2), and testing it out in the graphical interface.

    In the Folder Compare, Session menu -> Session Settings, Comparison tab, enable the content comparison scan, and also enable to "Skip if quick test results indicate files are the same" and also "override quick test results".

    Then once the scan is complete, Edit menu -> Expand All, Edit menu -> Select All Files, Actions menu -> File Compare Report.
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