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  • Exclude Files larger than xx

    I try to mirror to the right to a cloud service mapped as a network drive.
    Currently I have problems with this service, as files > 3MB are not stored correctly.
    Therefor I tried to start with smaller files and I added a "other filter" to the session settings. To exclude files larger than 2600 KB.

    When I refresh the comparison BC still lists files larger than 2600 KB. But only files that are also on the right side but with a different filesize/date.

    These files are marked by BC in a darker background.

    I framed these files and the settings in the attached picture.

    Question: Assuming that this is a wanted feature in BC, how do I filter out files greater that xx no matter if they are present at the right side in different size or date?


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    I don't see an attached picture. Could you try including it once more or emailing us at along with a link to this forum thread?

    For filtering, if the filter only excludes one side but not the other, then both items are shown but the excluded item is presented in a Teal coloring. Since the filtering is not excluding the other side, it is not excluded from view. If this is what is happening, it would explain the behavior you are seeing. Adding a one sided logic filter that then excludes the other is something on our wishlist, but is not currently supported.
    Aaron P Scooter Software