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  • Probably a dumb question

    I am in the process of going through three computer and 5 years of redundant files. I wanted to know if

    1. I can change the way the date formats are shown? dd MMM yyyy (I don't care about minutes and seconds)
    2. Can disregard date differences if they are within 2 days. Meaning if I have three files that are the same but the dates are off by one or two days due to exact computer times, can I exclude them from being in the "newer than" filter?

    I am not comparing text or pdf files but .epub, .mobi, .rar, .azw, .azw3, .html. and other book files that those of you who subscribe to Calibre are aware of.
    I assume that comparing these files are done by name since they don't seem to be supported, or listed in the file formats.

    It would save me a ton of time if I could just make sure that only titles with date differences extending more than 24 hours or so are excluded.


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    In the Folder comparison, click on Rules in the tool bar, select the Comparison tab, check Compare timestamps, and set the tolerance to 86400 seconds to treat differences of less than 24 hours as the same. The allowed tolerance maxes out at 99999, so you can't do a two day skew, but it'll get you half way there


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      1. Date format follows the Windows Short date setting. To change the date format on Windows 10, click on the Start Menu, then Gear icon to open Settings. Open Time & Language. Go to Region. Open Change data formats. Set Short date to your preferred format.

      To prevent minutes and seconds from displaying, drag the modified column smaller until only MM/DD/YYYY is displayed.

      2. Follow tlscales instructions to set a timestamp tolerance in seconds.
      Chris K Scooter Software


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        Not a dumb question. Agree with Chris. Real question is why are you holding on to files that are 5 years old?