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Only newest file is red

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  • Only newest file is red

    We found a small problem. When both sides (Users) have changed the same file, only the newest is highlighted in red. Normally both should be red. Any Idea about this?



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    Re: Only newest file is red

    Hi Toni,

    If you could explain how BC should see it, it will probably be implemented! But You are speaking about 3 files: the original one, the first newer, and the second newer. BC compare only 2 files, not 3. So, between 2 different files, there is only one which is newer, the other is the older one.
    Michel Dessaintes
    Modťrateur du Forum Francophone & Traducteur Officiel de BC2/BC3/BC4 en FranÁais


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      Re: Only newest file is red

      Hi Michel!

      Maybe I did not explain it correctly, or I'am expecting too much.
      Both sides are working on local files. From time to time we update each other. (Two files to compare)
      When both of us have modified the same local files, only the newest is highlighted in red. This is okay, if just one file would have been changed.

      To sum it up:
      Red indicates that the file is newer based on the time stamp, but it doesn't show that changes may have also been separately made to the older file.

      My idea to solve this problem would be a tag (CRC) for each file, which keeps track of changes.
      If both sides have been changed during the same time period, both files should be red.


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        Re: Only newest file is red

        Hi Toni,

        Thanks for the comments/suggestion. In order to support this BC would need to keep some information about a previous comparison, which it doesn't currently do. Keeping track of previous comparisons is on the todo list, but it's not possible to do what you're asking in the current release.
        ZoŽ P Scooter Software