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"Right click function" - Windows 7 64bit vs 32bit

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  • "Right click function" - Windows 7 64bit vs 32bit


    We have a user that is having problems with the right click function. On my system... I am running Windows 7 32-bit and when I right click a file.... I am able to select the BC compare command to select a file to compare. Where as on her machine Windows 7 64-bit she does not have this option and I am unable to find a setting to "mount" this functionality to the right click function.

    Is there a way to do this? Or is there a compatibility issue?

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    BC3's shell extension should work fine on a Win7 64bit machine and is supported.

    Are you guys using the most recent version of BC3 (3.3.2)? All BC3.x updates are free for 3.x users. Also, did your user install using the installer from our website or a re-packaged installer. Sometimes, the repackaged installers are not quite packaged right; please try with the installer from our website.

    The 'mount' can be done from the Tools menu -> Options dialog, Startup section. The bottom half of the screen should control this functionality and all you to turn it on if it was not enabled during the Installer processes. These controls are only available for normal installs; a Portable install does not support the shell extension.

    If your user is still having issues, please try using a program like ShellExView to see if there is a shell extension conflict. Sometimes, two shell extensions can collide and cause issues. If she disables her other shell extensions, does the BC3 one then show up? If you then re-enable them a few at a time, do we know which is causing the conflict?
    Please note, ShellExView is not a Scooter Software product and is not supported by Scooter Software.

    Please let us know how the above tests work for you.
    Aaron P Scooter Software