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Application Virtualization of Beyond Compare

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  • Application Virtualization of Beyond Compare


    We have a global enterprise license for Beyond Compare which is being used with version 2.5.3 of Beyond Compare.

    We will be creating a standard virtualized app for deployment to a Windows 7 64 bit environment.

    Can you please let us know if you will support Application Virtualisation.

    Understand that the Windows Shell feature will not work but what about all other functions, if there is any issue can our users contact Scooter Software for technical queries if Beyond Compare is Virtualized.

    Kindly advice.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Vikram Mohan

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    We don't have a test environment set up to test BC2 with Application Virtualisation, but it should work as a portable install and may work as a normal install. We can certainly help answer general user queries, but many tests may require administrator access or changes to the system, so it may be easier to work directly with the IT dept or someone with permissions to be able to perform these tests.
    Aaron P Scooter Software