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  • Compaire a file name

    I have a question on current version of the BC,
    which I have issue with compaireing and copying a file name that is in non-English sytle.

    current BC can't copy a file and display as "?????" insted of showing it's file name. and it will faile to make a copy to the destination that user want.

    however, one it is copyed (like using a Expoler, etc..) then BC don't have a issue compaiering a file.

    is thier any work around to do this?

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    Re: Compaire a file name

    There is a workaround, but it's system-wide rather than BC specific. If you edit your computer's Regional and Language Options settings to use the non-English language as the default it should work better. I don't have specific instructions right now, but I think it's either the Language for non-Unicode programs or default codepage setting. If you have it right BC should display the filename correctly.

    We are looking into full Unicode support, but it's still quite a ways off. I'm not sure why copying the file would affect anything.
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