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one more preset "rule"

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  • one more preset "rule"


    first: thank you for this little diamond!

    At current I am missing one little comparision view:
    left side new <-> right side new + orphans.

    Why that?
    acutally on joining changed files you have to use two filters:
    - Right side new + orphans
    - left side new

    I have a local copy of my files on which i do "my" development. If others send me their files (only different files) I would "forget" to syncronise all those files, i also changend in my local storage, because they are not displayed. Perhaps I could use new + orphans on both sides, but since I do not recieve all files from remote i will see many orphans on my (local) side. (I am talking about a project consisting about ~10.000 files, so I don't want to see local orphans because there will be much of them.)

    It's a bit hard to explain. Hope you get on it. If you have questions about that let me know.


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    Re: one more preset \"rule\"

    Hi Alex,

    Right-click on the toolbar and select "Component" from the menu. That gives you the ability to create different combinations of the different display filters.
    Tim T Scooter Software