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  • Support for Sharepoint/web folders

    I am working on a project where they are using Sharepoint. It is possible to expose document libraries in Sharepoint as web folders in Explorer. You then get a folder in Explorer that has an address like this:

    which you can then navigate (after logging in) in the same way as a normal Explorer folder and you can drag and drop files, etc to and from these folders in Explorer.

    I would like to use BC to copy files between these Sharepoint folders and my local PC. However, when I try and open the Sharepoint folders in BC, I go to My Network Places where I can see the top level folder for the Sharepoint folders.

    However when I open this folder, it takes me to
    C:\Documents and Settings\Richard\NetHood\OrgName

    Currently on V2.4.3.

    Any thoughts.

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    Sorry, it isn't possible to access Sharepoint web folders using Beyond Compare. Support for Sharepoint is on our wish list for a future version.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Thanks, Chris. Pity.

      I would have thought there was a growing community of Sharepoint users out there who would welcome this support.


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        BC does work with SharePoint

        Simply map your SharePoint network drive to a drive letter. While BC won't work with the https: form of the SharePoint address, it does work with a drive letter.


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          I realize I'm resurrecting a nearly 5-year-old thread, but it was the first hit when Googling beyondcompare and sharepoint, and wanted to post a solution.

          You can access versions of a document via SharePoint's version history web service.

          Use the URL to the version you want to view. For example:
          http://yoursite/yoursubsite/_vti_history/512/DocLib/Book1.xls in the left window, and...
          http://yoursite/yoursubsite/_vti_history/1024/DocLib/Book1.xls in the right window will compare versions 1.0 and 2.0 of the same document item.

          See below for an explanation of the version numbers ("512" and "1024" in the URLs above), taken from

          Canonical path (top-most version)


          revision paths

          You could access the previous version document like following.

          http://yoursite/yoursubsite/_vti_history/512/Documents/Book1.xlsx (Accessing version 1.0)

          One thing to note if you have only one version of the document then this will give 404 page not found error.

          _vti_history - Virtual directory

          512 - See the following table then you could understa

          1 = version 0.1


          2 = version 0.2


          512 = version 1.0


          1025 = version 2.1


          Formula : Major Version * 512 + Minor Version


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            We're also adding WebDAV support in BC4, which is in beta here:
            Aaron P Scooter Software


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              Originally posted by Aaron View Post
              We're also adding WebDAV support in BC4, which is in beta here:
              Nice! Anyone using a Windows Server OS 2008+ will need to install the Windows Desktop Experience feature in order to enable client-side WebDAV.