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  • Suggestion: Double-click default

    I'd like to suggest adding an option to set the default action for a double-click on a file.

    Currently, the double-click default action is "Compare in viewer". This is not useful for me because BC cannot compare the types of files I use most (Word, Excel, Publisher, Visio). A much more useful option for me is the third right-click option, "Open with Associated App".

    I would love to be able to assign "Open with Associated App" as the default double-click option.

    A useful right-click option would be "Open Both Files with Associated App", since that's what I have to do when I am not sure why they are showing up as different. This is minor, especially if double-click acted as I suggest.

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    Re: Suggestion: Double-click default

    BC can actually compare a couple of those file types:

    As for a different default-click tweak, thanks for the suggestion. I would recommend assigning a keyboard shortcut to Associated App under Tools->Options->Keyboard, for now.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Did this tweak ever get implemented either in BC2 or the new BC3 ?


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        Thanks for your interest. Double-clicking to execute is still a wishlist item.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          I want to second this request. Went looking for it today and would be a help if we could just switch it to open the external viewer.