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Searching particular filetypes and comparing

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  • Searching particular filetypes and comparing

    I have a number of files in a large branch with many sub-folders and would like to search all folders in that branch for filetype (*.lyr) then do the same for another branch and then compare all the *.lyr files in the resultant search.
    I know that they will be in different folders but want to compare the files only.
    The only way to do this I can see is use WinExp to search then copy all the files to a temp1 folder then do the same and copy the second search to a temp2 folder then compare temp1 to temp2 using Beyond Compare.
    Can someone tell me if I am right or can Beyond Compare do the search and compare the results?
    Chris Brown
    Perth, Australia

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    Re: Searching particular filetypes and comparing

    If the folder paths relative to each base folder aren't the same, then you won't be able to do this with Beyond Compare 2.5.2.

    If the paths are the same relative to the base folder, then you can set a file name filter to *.lyr and compare the files.

    If the folder paths are different, you can set the *.lyr filter, then use Actions|Copy To Folder in BC and use the "Don't keep upper folder structure" option to copy all of the files to the root of temp folders, then compare the temp folders with BC.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Re: Searching particular filetypes and comparing

      Thanks Chris
      As the folder paths are different I will use temp folders as you suggested to compare the files.