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Changing USB drive letter

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  • Changing USB drive letter

    I am using Beyond Compare 2 on a flash drive and have problems as the flash drive letter changes on different computers.
    Is there a way for Beyond Compare to use relative paths or the volume serial number to identify a USB drive for comparison instead of using absolute paths?

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    Re: Changing USB drive letter

    Sorry, there isn't a way to do this using the current version of Beyond Compare.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Re: Changing USB drive letter

      Thank you!


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        Re: Changing USB drive letter

        Just to be sure, you've seen both of these articles:

        What problems were you running into when the drive letter would change?
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Re: Changing USB drive letter

          I'm not the original poster, but I think I know what the problem could be ...

          I keep a set of directories on my USB stick do keep my work box in sync with my home box. I previously tried to configure a session to automate sync'ing .. basically defining files to be ignored.

          But, the session configuration requires my harddrive path, always C:\{dir} on both systems. But, on my home computer, the USB stick is assigned J: (lots of partitions), whereas my work box assigns the USB stick a drive letter of E:.

          If I launch BC2 and select the saved session, I always have to update the drive designator for the USB stick.


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            Re: Changing USB drive letter


            If You use NTFS on both machines, the following may solve Your problem:

            1. Create an empty folder (i.e. D:\Removable\USB-Stick)
            2. Open Computer Management/'Datenträgerverwaltung'
            3. Open context menu for the USB-Stick
            4. Select 'change drive letter', then 'add'
            5. Put in the new empty folder

            Doing this on both machines lets You use the folder as base folder for Your BC-session.

            Greetings Lutz


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              Re: Changing USB drive letter

              Thanks for the tip Lutz ... more like a *nix 'mount' feature ... very useful.