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FTP Issue with Z/OS

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  • FTP Issue with Z/OS

    Hey all. I have a question about what looks like an issue with Beyond Compare using FTP with a Z/OS mainframe.

    When I log into Z/OS through BC, it gives me a list of partitioned data sets (PDS), which show up as directories, and regular data sets, which show up as files. Normally, all files are listed, and I can do compares between any two data sets of my choosing, but this morning I ran into a situation where not all files were being listed.

    I have a PDS that takes up 20,850 tracks on the mainframe, so it's very large, even though the PDS only contains a small number of members. This PDS does not show up in Beyond Compare's file listing, no matter what I try. What's more, when I look at the log at the bottom of the directory listing, that data set is specifically listed as an "MVS item". As such, I see what I think might be causing it.

    The following entry is placed in the log section at the bottom of BC's directory listing:

    1/29/2008 1:28:39 PM MVS Item: DVL006 3390 2008/01/29 420850 FB 55 5500 PO MY.DATASET.NAME

    This matches up with the entry that does not show up in my file listing. I can compare similar data sets with no problem, and if I create a smaller version of the same data set, it works fine.

    What I think is causing BC the problem is the number "420850" above. That number actually represents two columns--the "4" represents the number of extents used, and "20850" represents the number of tracks. Had this data set contained 9,999 tracks or fewer, it would work fine, because the entry would show up as "4 9999", so there would be a space in between those two columns that BC could use to distinguish between them. Since BC only sees one column instead of two (i.e. "420850" instead of "4 20850"), I think this is what's causing BC to refuse to list it as a directory that can be compared.

    Is there anything that I can do to work around this issue--anything else I should try, etc., that might take care of the problem? Is this something that would no longer occur in the next version?

    Thanks in advance for your time!

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    Re: FTP Issue with Z/OS


    Thanks for letting us know about the FTP problem. I discussed this with our lead developer and he said he will schedule some time to look into it. I will post an update when I hear back from him.
    Chris K Scooter Software