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  • Matlab m files

    I'm looking at using Beyond Compare to aid in managing some Matlab projects which are being merged and worked on by many folk. Each developer tends to duplicate and keep a whole copy of the project, which is no better than everyone editing a single copy. I'm hoping BeyondCompare will allow the re-merge to be performed more easily.

    Has anyone got simple scripts to aid specifically in managing Matlab m files?
    Especially if it were code aware so could see where sections were complete blocks (e.g. 'function' blocks).
    I see comment & white space changes can already be 'ignored'

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    Re: Matlab m files

    We don't have a Matlab Rule available, but there are others available here:
    You can use those as a basis for a custom rule you create.

    Try altering the values on the Alignment tab under Rules to get better results. And remember that Beyond Compare does a Line by Line comparison, so both files need to be in the same order (sorted).

    A = .
    B = B
    . = A

    In this quick example (Left to Right comparison), for A to match A, then the right A needs to be above B in the right file.
    Aaron P Scooter Software